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Leverage our expertise in Salesforce in Israel and drive your digital transformation with enhanced automation! Our Salesforce Consulting Services are designed for better conversions and higher sales.

Double Your Sales With Our Salesforce Consulting Services

Managing customer interactions and relationships can take a massive effort. At the same time, maintaining business focus and keeping up with changing customer demands becomes tricky without a reliable CRM. DevOps Technologies helps your business manage customer interactions using the powerful Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Configuration & Implementation

We enable enhanced Salesforce configurations for your business for bespoke implementation of key functionalities. Our team of Salesforce experts helps you integrate applications, Customer Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Collaborative Forecasts, and Workflows. Using these tools and features from Salesforce, your business can have enhanced CRM, ECommerce, and operational capabilities.

Platform Redesign & Upgrade

Are you looking to upgrade CRM capabilities with Salesforce? DevOps Technologies helps you integrate key App Exchange plugins and third-party software for enhanced functionalities. Our team will audit your systems, analyze the CRM platform, and redesign it for enhanced conversions.

Custom Apps

Customize your business software for enhanced data analytics, insights, and synchronizations across operations. Our team uses APIs to integrate modular services and software for enhanced customizations. We help your applications with real-time data sync capabilities to improve the visibility of CRM activities.

An All-in-one Salesforce Solution For Your Business is Just a Click Away! Expertly delivered by DevOps Technologies.

Salesforce Solutions That Make Your Business Customer-Centric!

DevOps Technologies deliver highly customized Salesforce solutions that improve your business visibility. We integrate key Salesforce features and tools to ensure your business agility is higher and matches the changing market demands.

Sales Management

Our team helps your business manage, optimize, and analyze Salesforce strategies with 360-degree visibility. We offer reliable insights into CRM to improve customer retention, loyalty, and association for better sales.

Marketing Automation

DevOps Technologies help you automate key marketing tasks and campaigns, including email marketing, social media management, campaign management, audience segmentation, and lead generation with expert Salesforce marketing consultants.

Service Support

Our team of Salesforce consultants in Tel Aviv offers the best service support for your business. We use Salesforce Service Cloud for enhanced customer support. It enables customer service reps and customers to communicate seamlessly for better issue resolution across channels like the web, chat, or email.


Our team delivers Salesforce Commerce solutions for unified shopping experience both online and offline. We guide B2C and B2B companies toward digital sales success by applying intelligent ecommerce tools.

Create Enhanced Experience At Each Stage of Business Maturity WIth Our Salesforce Consulting Services

We are at the forefront of offering seamless Salesforce implementations for several projects due to highly experienced consultants and experts. Our team provides tailor-made solutions that help you streamline workflows, automate service processes, and manage CRM.

With years of problem-solving aptitude and management experience, our team helps implement, customize, and manage Salesforce CRM with,

  • Specifically designed Salesforce suite for your business
  • Full-cycle Salesforce consulting services
  • Certified partners that audit, optimize, and implement CRM
  • Proof of concept for Salesforce strategies

We implement Salesforce to reduce the bottlenecks of integration into your business processes and systems, which include,

  • Extensive plan for Salesforce integration
  • Customizations of business processes
  • Configuration of Salesforce tools, roles, settings, and more to align with your business goals
  • High-end Salesforce interface design
  • Enhanced cloud migrations

Our team helps you customize your workflows and processes to reap the benefits of Salesforce, which includes,

  • Existing systems audit
  • Requirements gathering and planning¬†
  • Custom development with Apex, Lightening, and Visualforce
  • Upgradation of the custom modules
  • Salesforce interface customizations

We enable data integrations across sources and platforms using Salesforce integration tools which include,

  • Setup of the database, exchange APIs, and processing systems
  • Integration of Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce-to-on-premise integration
  • Custom integration of third-party services
  • Advanced integration of ML and AI

Our team is dedicated to customer success through advanced Salesforce implementations and technical support, which includes,

  • Comprehensive support for Salesforce integration
  • Monitoring, logging, and quick resolutions
  • Higher system resilience
  • Cost-effective data migrations
  • Development of specific user adoption strategies
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Why Choose DevOps Technologies for Your Salesforce Implementations?

Assured High Performance

High-performing CRM and ERP systems require reliable systems, and that is where we help businesses get the most out of Salesforce capabilities.

Quality Salesforce Implementations

From requirement gathering to system audit, integration design, and development, planning, we ensure high quality through each stage of Salesforce implementations.

Cross-functional teams

We have a team of professionals with cross-functional expertise to enable Salesforce integrations and optimized CRM.

Expert partners

Our certified Salesforce partners ensure your CRM and ERP offer insights to improve sales.

Multi-project experience

We have experience taking on multiple projects across business domains with enhanced Salesforce consulting services.

Proven Quality

98% of our clients highlight the exceptional quality of our solutions.


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