BKR Energy platform is an advanced hybrid system that allows you to maximize your energy savings, while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.



BKR Energy is an innovative company that’s here to provide you with sustainable solutions for your home or light commercial spaces. BKR Energy have developed a new and cost-effective cloud-based system that optimizes the switch between your electric-base heat pump and your natural gas-base furnace.



BKR Energy platform is a complex cloud infrastructure/Iot Solution that could shape the future of green energy. DevOps Technologies conducted an infrastructure audit and helped them with AWS Cloud Capacity Planning and Sizing to move to a more scalable, reliable, secure, and cost-effective solution.



DevOps Technologies adopted a Hybrid Setup approach to ensure a seamless operations of BKR platform. Our expert UI/UX architects developed personas and user flows to create engaging interfaces as part of experience design activity.

DevOps Technologies has been involved in the design, development, and implementation of multiple digital platforms for BKR Energy.



DevOps Technologies continues to work with BKR Energy as a development and maintenance partner for all the four web properties and has been enhancing and upgrading them as per the business needs.

  • Improving the solution’s architecture along with ensuring its better customization flexibility, improved performance, and stronger security.
  • Redesigning legacy templates to make the portal more appealing to end users and partners.
  • Setting up a uniform booking process across different services.
  • Replacing the rigid features of legacy templates with customizable modular functionality.
  • Enhancing the solution’s overall performance, particularly the templates’ loading time.
  • Setting up the process of a smooth migration from legacy to redesigned templates.
  • Ensuring the solution’s scalability and ability to provide over 10,000 brands with the required functionality.
  • Guaranteeing a consistent user experience of both the desktop and mobile applications.



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